Technical activities

Cable installation of electric lines

Cable installation of power lines is a construction and installation activity in which overhead power distribution lines are buried underground. To perform this activity it is necessary to prepare detailed technical designs, to establish rights of way with the owners of land. The prepared technical documentation is coordinated with the responsible institutions for obtaining a building permit.

Within the framework of the project LIFE Safe Grid for Burgas, overhead power lines with a total length of 52 km will be laid underground on the territory of Burgas Municipality. They fall within the boundaries of the specially protected areas Burgas Lake, Mandra-Poda Lake, Atanasovsko Lake and Pomorie Lake.

The power lines planned for underground installation are located on Via Pontica bird migration route - the second most important migration route of wild birds in Europe. The route connects Europe and Africa and passes through more than 20 countries (from the Netherlands to South Africa). During the spring migration from Africa to Europe, over 550,000 birds cross Via Pontica.

Underground cable laying is the most effective solution, completely eliminating the risks of collision and electrocution for birds. This is the most sustainable solution in the long term, which eliminates the risks to birds.

Installation of protective insulation

Protective insulation is a special plastic products that is placed on top of the electric pylon, covering the parts of the wires on both sides of the pylon. The equipment is made of insulating material in order to protect the birds from voltage, which can be caused by contact of birds with the wires and the grounded part of the pylon.
Within the framework of the activity, preliminary identification of the risk pylons of the electricity distribution grid will be performed. The data from previous BSPB studies and the developed GIS database under this project will be combined. The information will make it possible to define the exact number and types of pylons to be insulated within the project.

The risk pylons will be insulated (secured) within a radius of 5 km in the buffer zone of NATURA 2000 areas, which are part of the project - Burgas Lake, Mandra - Poda Lake, Atanasovsko Lake and Pomorie Lake. Within the project it is planned Elektrorazpredelenie Yug to insulate over 90 km of overhead power lines in the region of Burgas.

The implementation of this activity will address one of the serious threats to birds caused by electrocution while landing on unsecured pylons.

Installation of diverters

Diverters are light reflectors that are mounted on overhead power lines to make them visible to birds. This reduces the risk of bird collision with the wires.

Elektrorazpredelenie Yug and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) installed diverters for the first time in Bulgaria in 2013 within the project "LIFE for the Burgas lakes" in the region of Burgas. The installed equipment has proven its effectiveness in protecting birds.

Within the framework of the current project it is planned to install nearly 2,000 diverters.

The activity will be implemented after field studies, GIS database has been developed and the most risky areas are identified.