Administrative activities

Additional activities

Development of a geographic information system database.

Within the project, Elektrorazpredelenie Yug and BSPB will also create Geographic Information System (GIS) database. The information platform will combine spatial data on the main locations of birds and location of power lines and types of pylons.

A significant part of this information was collected by Elektrorazpredelenie Yug and BSPB. The preparation of a GIS database will serve to accurately identify the risky power lines and pylons to be secured within the project.

Assessment of socio-economic impact

Two socio-economic studies are planned under the project.

The first one covers the initial attitudes of local residents, business, institutions. In 2026, the second survey will be conducted, which aims to analyze attitudes after implementation of the technical activities: impact of the implemented infrastructure activities - cable installation of overhead power lines in underground cable lines, installation of protective insulations, installation of light reflecting diverters for the quality of power supply in the region.